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Lip Trills!

Good Advice!


Good exercise!

Carling Family Band - Trombones

I Like the raw emotion these gals play with.

Practicing Scales

More Bob McChesney - Scales!

Bob McChesney-Scales

Bob McChesney

Here’s an excellent book of technical studies!

Arranging feedback!

Comments from a recent customer:


We got to play a few of your charts last night! They were excellent, good engraving, great arranging.... thank you thank you!!!

After the second one, my trombone player leaned over and said. "Hey, every time this Cary Sheley guy's name is at the top of the page the chart sounds great!" 

My bone player has perfect pitch, hears everything in the band, and is hard to impress.

We've had so many bad charts, yours were a breath of fresh air... Looking forward to getting the rest!

I sent you $ this morning,



Lesson "Pentatonic Pairs"

I Thought this was an interesting take on Improvising

Improv. on Oleo "Rhythm Changes"

I ran across this lesson with Steve Weist. A fabulous Bone Player!

Fontana "Blues"


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