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Live Music

Make your event memorable , hire a “live” band for your entertainment. Whether it is for listening or dancing, there is something exciting about hearing a live band perform. The musicians performing create an energy that is contagious and draws people in. Each year millions of people pay large amounts of money to attend concerts of their favorite performers because they want to feel that energy. Social events are about human interaction. The live musicians react to each other and the audience, there is a give and take that naturally engages the audience’s participation. Your guests will prefer the live music. In fact, the music is usually the most memorable part of the event. Each performance is fresh, bringing a new experience every time they play.


Little Big Band
The Little Big Band plays a wide variety of music including big band, swing, latin, jazz, rock and blues. The perfect band for your wedding reception, private party or corporate function, this group really entertains. The arrangements were written especially for the instrumentation by Cary Sheley. Vocals, Trumpet, Trombone, Alto/Bari, Tenor & Rhythm, the 8-piece group gives you that "Big Band" sound from a smaller, more affordable, band.

Cary Sheley Quartet
The Cary Sheley Quartet has become popular with the Local Dance Clubs, playing a good mix of music including all the dance styles (Waltz, Cha Cha, Rhumba, etc.) at a comfortable volume. Steady tempos, recognizable tunes, they are a pleasure to listen and dance to. The group also plays some great jazz. They play standard tunes from some of the great writers and improvisors in american music history. Maybe you need a small group to play during dinner at your wedding reception, need some music for a bank or store opening, a house party, a birthday party or anniversary, we've played for so many different situations. Cary, who plays trombone and sings, is accoampanied by Tom Stein on piano, Guy Fiorenza on bass and Dave Sterner on Drums. 

Dixie Polecats
These Bad Boys will play some swingin' jazz at your next party or event. Vintage Music from New Orleans, Kansas City and Chicago. Songs made famous by Louis Armstrong, Pete Fountain and Jack Teagarden. Trumpet, clarinet and trombone in the front line. Banjo (guitar), string bass and drums in the back line. Muskrat Ramble, Struttin' w/some Barbecue and St James Infirmary, classic jazz at it's best. If you're ready to swing, give them a call.

Sheley Musical Services