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*Arrangements are available for "Little Big Band Sized" (6-9 piece) bands.
They are written for a working 7-piece band, trumpet/alto(bari)/tenor/bone and piano/bass/drums. They can be adapted to 3 horns (trumpet/tenor/bone), 5 horns (1 trp/trombone/alto/tenor/bari) or 6 horns (2 trps/trombone/alto/tenor/bari). Some of the charts are also written for a female or male vocalist. For a list of tunes please click

The 7 piece charts are $12.50/ea. delivered as a "pdf" via email . The horns in the other groups need to re-voiced - 6 piece(3 horn) charts are $15/ea. (pdf). The 8 & 9 piece(5 & 6 horns charts are $20/ea. (pdf) . The parts are voiced specifically for the instrumentation and all parts are integral to the arrangement.


Let me know what songs you are interested in. If you want the 6, 8 or 9 piece charts. It may take a couple of days to complete the scoring (unless someone has already asked for the chart). The 7 piece charts are written and ready to go.

Payment: I accept Paypal or money order. I will need payment up front before I deliver the charts. See the paypal instructions below. If you need to pay by money order, let me know and send payment to: Sheley Musical Services, 1922 Rural St. Rockford, IL 61107.

Delivery: I deliver the pdf files attached to an email. I try to keep the emails under 1 MB per email. If you have a slow internet connection, let me know and I will only send one chart per email (about 200-250 kb) I do offer a CD(pdf files) of your tunes that I can send. I can fit my whole library on one CD, so no matter how big your order they would fit on one CD. The cost of the CD is an additional $7.50 and includes shipping via US Mail. Express delivery is available at the current rates.

*These arrangements are supplied with the understanding that they are commissioned by you (the client), and in the event of any permissions being required, or royalties being payable, these will be your (the client's) responsibility.

Sheley Musical Services